Pay-Per-Click Advertising

Every good thing comes with a price tag, so does SEM. Search Engine Marketing is a paid marketing approach to getting your desired web traffic and sales revenue. The primary search network that SEM professionals target is Google AdWords.

Pay-per-click is a form of online advertising where you pay a host (ex. Google) to display your ads on their page. Rather than being your only strategy, PPC advertising like Google AdWords should compliment your other digital marketing strategies. Maximize your pay-per-click presence with our PPC services. Our team of seasoned experts stay on top of the emerging marketing trends and the latest advertising practices. Get the biggest bang for your marketing buck with our unparalleled yet affordable PPC services.

Our Google AdWords Strategies

Search Advertising

Customers are always searching for a product/service. Although many searchers prefer ‘natural listings’, one-third of them opt for advertised listings. Reach your potential clients instantly and boost your website traffic.

Display Advertising

Display advertising is an ad unit consisting of text and image. They need to be focused and highly personalized. Display ads track user behavior to put the right ads to the right customers. Creative display ads trigger customer response in no time. Targeting a focus group through demographics, language, location, and behavior visibly increase the effectiveness of display ads.

Video Advertising

Video advertisements are the most effective way to grab a customer’s attention with a ton of information under a few minutes. With worldwide access, there are numerous examples of video ads going viral overnight.

App Promotion

App promotion is built from scratch to market apps and games on both iPhone and Android platforms. Your app gains more visibility through AdMob, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Play Store. Generate more app installs by flaunting it to the most relevant users.

What We Do

Campaign Setup

Campaign setup involves creating a Google AdWords account, extensive keyword research, ad copy development, bidding set up and ad scheduling setup. Every successful campaign starts with research. Then comes the part where we craft killer ads which makes all the difference to your ROI.


We provide you with landing page recommendation which in turn helps in keeping it relevant to the keywords thereby increasing your quality score. Setting up google analytics and conversion tracking code are done to keep track of the visitors.

Ad Optimization

We analyze ad performance in real time. Ad extensions do not increase the cost of your ad but enhance its presence. The ads include text ad, image ad, remarketing ad and interest-based ad. Topic targeting helps in reaching your specific target market.

PPC Maintenance

Optimizing landing page is crucial to keep your readers engaged and convert them into potential leads. Using A/B testing, we compare web pages with different elements to see which one performs better. Clickthrough rate analysis ensures consistent levels of traffic to your website.

Performance Report

Variance in the performance of your campaign is easily monitored through CTR. We provide you with monthly campaign performance reports and email chat support to give you the necessary business inputs.

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