Our Story and Mission

Established in 2013, we are a group of technology and business professionals, providing you with solutions for even the most complex business challenges. Being an ISO certified company, we have clients across the globe – North America, Asia, and Europe. We strive to be the best and innovative technology solutions provider of choice. We do what we do best with just three key elements in mind – brand perception, ROI and customer satisfaction. We use patented AI technologies to deliver highly personalized customer experiences. We provide unmatched business value with user-centric designs backed by our experts’ experiences. Experience a global presence with our unparalleled end-to-end technology solutions for start-ups and SMEs. We’re in it with you – every step of the way.

What We Believe In
We grew the company with the belief that a small team can make a big difference. And these values guide every decision we make at GSM Plus.


We use a perfect blend of innovation and experience to provide you with the best possible business solution.


From daily standups to deliverables, we make decisions and updates clear to the team and the stakeholders.


More than our creative and smart approach, we are passionate and fun to work with! No detail is too small to us.

Extra Miles

Your goal is to sell. Our goal is to help. Our clients are our central focus and we go the extra mile.

Our Methodology
We, at GSM Plus Infotech, use predefined methodologies while developing and implementing a project. Adopting a potent mixture of the right technology and methodology, we give you the best results. Primarily we base our methodologies on the waterfall model that includes – Analysis, Design, Construction, Testing, Distribution, and Maintenance.
Multi-faceted Project Delivery Systems

Multi-faceted Project Delivery Systems

A dedicated team of project managers meet with the business unit to understand, analyze and derive the requirements of the project before we build a solution. The team proceeds with the construction and deployment of the solution only after a complete perception of the forecast. Our team imposes all the dimensions involved in a software development life cycle. In case of any conflicting deliveries or overlaps, we are always prepared with our contingency plans.

Agile Development Framework

All remote teams benefit from Agile Framework where high-priority attributes are executed first. Feedback from such a delivery is reviewed and shared. There is continuous integration between all teams, facilitating successful issue resolutions if any. With appropriate coverage, test-driven developments are encouraged, eliminating any marginal spillovers. Architectural issues are easily resolved when evolutionary designs are particularized for a detailed analysis before they are closed.

Agile Development Framework


As a specialized Agile method, SCRUM is an incremental development process that is extremely useful for short-term projects as it is restricted to a limited duration. Each of the Sprint starts with an event planning that defines the Sprint backlogs and identifies the work that has to be completed. Typically, for a two-week sprint, the recommended duration spans to four hours. At the end of each sprint, the Scrum Master updates the burndown chart. GSM Plus Infotech uses 10-day iterations instead of the usual 15 to 20-day iterations.

The Kanban

The Kanban methodology is a structured continuous process improvement method that allows real-time communication and offers complete transparency. A Kanban board visually represents work items to see every piece of a task at any point in time. Unlike the Scrum methodology, Kanban has no prescribed roles. It works on a continuous delivery model, and work is pulled through in a single piece flow. This is more appropriate for high-variability environments where changes can be made at any time and on priority.

The Kanban
Disciplined Agile Delivery

Disciplined Agile Delivery

The DAD picks up where Scrum leaves off. It is a people-first, learning-oriented Agile approach to IT Solution delivery. GSM Plus Infotech, being a progressive company, believes in staying alongside new technology that will alleviate client processes. One of the main differences is that the client is included within the Scrum circle. This way, the project’s progress is constantly updated to the client. The quality of deliverables is increased, changes are anticipated and coping with change becomes easier.

Our Engagement Models
We, at GSM Plus Infotech, emphasize the need to choose the right engagement model that can align organizational goals to achieve the desired outcome. Our experts use a hybrid approach and customize the model that best suit your organizational goals.
Fixed Price Model

Fixed Price

Let us know your project specifications and we will give you a fixed price quote. This is possible when the project resources, requirements, and deadlines are clearly defined. A planning session usually determines the price based on the size and duration of the project. Predominantly applicable for short-term projects, the focus is clearly on the desired output.


This model is generally proposed for long-term projects that act as extensions to your in-house resources. We create a dedicated team comprising of project managers, team members along with the necessary infrastructure depending on clients’ requirements. The team can be structured or unstructured based on the customers’ technology-driven prerequisites.

Team-based Model
Capacity-based Model


Offered for long-term projects, all IT-related business goals along with the agreed levels of constraint are clearly defined. With this model, our project stakeholders understand compliance needs and take complete responsibility and deliver the project according to the consented SLAs.


We aim at building sustainable client-provider relationships. We offer agile as well as non-linear pricing models that are mutually beneficial. These customized pricing models reflect the maturity, the technology, complexity and other associated factors that are involved in the successful delivery of a project.

Pricing Model
Time and Material Model

Time and Material

Undeniably, the very popular Time and Material Model gives you greater flexibility. Ideal for complex projects that might unquestionably require modifications in design and specification, it lets you adjust the project requirements even as it is existent. A very clear understanding of the end-product is derived in the very beginning. The project reflects payments at different levels, even on an hourly basis, thus optimizing project duration and costs.

Milestone Pricing

Milestone model is recommended for elaborate long-term projects that come with a specific scope of work over a particular duration. Milestones are prescribed at every stage, progressively, letting clients pay at a specific point. This way monitoring project development is easy, results are controlled and the risk associated with large-scale software development is minimized.

Milestone Pricing Model
Our People

Our People

Have you been so passionate about something that what you do doesn’t feel like work? That’s us. We enjoy what we do and that’s why our people are creative and innovative. We have highly-skilled people with expertise in development, customization and integration of complex enterprise-level solutions. We believe that the perfect blend of domain knowledge, technical skills, hands-on experience and passion is what makes us unique.
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