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Fri Nov 30 by Sharon Vijiliya

Digital Marketing is an absolute necessity when your foremost need is to spread the word out to the world. Do you believe in your product/service? Then talk about it! That’s Branding. The first step to planning anything is to know what you want. Your goals have to be specific, measurable and attainable. Once the goal is clear, the treat awaiting the end of the maze is yours. Digital marketing has given the tools for sales and marketing to small businesses that were previously available only to large organizations. It levels the playing field by providing big guns to the small and medium enterprises thereby attracting a portion of the targeted audience.

Digital Marketing Channels

In today’s internet era, you can see that almost all businesses irrespective of their size, have an online presence. Businesses acknowledge that having an online presence not only helps in brand awareness but also functions as an access point between the prospective customers and businesses. Google Analytics can only tell you the volume of visits, you need website user feedback tools and build strong access points to identify where you lag and address them promptly.

Some of the most popular digital marketing channels are discussed below:

Social Media Marketing

Nowadays, people are not just watching baby videos or posting selfies on social media. They also research and educate themselves about a product/service before making a purchase decision. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram are some of the go-to platforms that have gained a lot of momentum in recent years.

Search Engine Optimization

With an infinite number of websites today, how can you make sure that people find you when they search for a product/service you offer? SEO is the process of getting free traffic to your website via search engine results pages. Create valuable content, fill them with relevant keywords and links. If you do the work, the search engines will recognize it.


Blogging offers a lot of online visibility to your brand. A blog should be semantic, interesting and meaningful in order to engage the customers effectively. News travels very fast through blogs. If a blog is well-managed, meaning regularly updated relevantly, it surely improves the website’s SEO.

Search Engine Marketing

SEM is paid search marketing, where you get the traffic for your website. If you want immediate results and have an adequate budget, then you should look into PPC (pay-per-click)/CPC (cost-per-click). For example, Google’s AdWords will display your advertisement on the search results page. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad.

Content Marketing

Content is the main man who drives your digital marketing activities. It should not just be about promoting your product/service but inspire and educate. There has to be some takeaway for the reader at the end. Google’s love for content is well-known and it has improved its algorithm to heavily focus on a website’s content and frequency of posts/updates. If you have the right content, you will not be tuned out.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the speediest and direct approach to reach the potential customers. You can give updates, send reminders, hand out newsletters and be in constant touch with the customer. The main risk of email marketing is getting into the spam folder.

Offline Digital Marketing

Digital marketing channels extend beyond the wall of the internet. Offline channels include mobile phones (SMS, MMS), electronic billboards or anything and everything that uses an electronic device to market your product. Irrespective of which digital marketing channel you choose to market your business on, it is important to periodically check its effectiveness so that you can fine-tune the strategy as per your business goals.

With smart efforts, digital marketing can do wonders to your business. Steering it toward the right audience at the right time is what you need to work on. If your online advertising activities are progressing the right way, you can be sure of a better ROI. With the increasing trend of customers making spot decisions / impulse buys than never before, we can safely say digital marketing is the lottery that every business should hang on to and never let go!


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