UI/UX: The Necessity for Prototyping

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Fri Mar 31 by Arockia Stephen

Prototypes are the combination of Wireframes and UI mock-ups which are created for representing the appearance of the application that are planned for development. The wireframes have to be laid out for determining the layouts whereas the user interface mock-ups can be outlined with the help of wireframes.

Why do we need Prototypes?

It’s easy to build and customized

The most important reason is to reduce the development cost at an early stage of the application development. Prototypes are the crucial factors in determining the output. Prototyping saves your extra effort before investing your time and resource into the project.

Development gets simple and clearer

Prototyping is the process where the concept meets the reality to stand the ultimate test – the need to be, creative as well as practical. If you find an issue with your concept, you can change it quickly without an impact on the product.  In addition, it allows developers to iterate the designs as often as possible, enabling them to craft the designs to perfection.

Collaborative Communication

Prototypes help all stakeholders to have a clear idea about the product and stay involved in the development. Their early feedback helps the designers to do better.

Presentation becomes easy

App development is a collaborative process. To keep everyone on the same page and take them on the same design and development journey, you should prototype the design. The end users can easily visualize the end-product. The projects that are queued for funding can be benefitted with the prototypes.

Changes become easy

The changes become inevitable for any products especially on the user experience. The requirements visualized can be altered any time but the development costs and time to market is completely affected. Prototyping helps saving costs and efforts.

How to Create Prototypes?

Prototypes can be easily created using Cloud tools where they provide drag and drop feature on UI elements.

Wireframes can be easily created on tools like Creately and Balsamiq.

Interactive UI mock-ups can be created using tools such as Fluid UI and Invision app.

Happy Prototyping!!!!


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