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Sat Jan 12 by Sharon Vijiliya

Website traffic is both an important indicator and driver for the growth of your business. It enables you to see how well your marketing tactics are working, gather insights into your customer behavior, improve your search engine credibility, and increase the conversions. Choose the right words to target in your SEO campaigns to increase traffic quality. Read on to know some of the ways to improve your website’s Google rankings.

Optimize your website for Google

Businesses should strive to make it easier for search engines to index their websites. The goal of search engine optimization is to have the search engine spiders not only find your site and pages but also specifically rank the page at the top of the search engine results. Create keyword-based page titles and meta description tags aimed at influencing click-throughs. The title tag signifies what the page is about. Meta tags are used to provide search engines with information about your page. You should never have more than one H v1 tag on any page.

Google Webmaster Tools – To use Google Analytics, you have to include the tracking code into your website. Connecting Google Webmaster Tools with Google Analytics benefits you by cross-referencing the keywords.

Make use of your competitors’ keywords

Monitor your top competitors and uncover their targeted keywords. Competitor keyword analysis is an effective way to compete in the crowded market space and gain an edge over other prominent businesses in your industry. Listed below are some tools that you can use to find your competitor keywords.

Google Analytics Keyword Planner – Find keywords that people are searching with the help of Google keyword planner. It facilitates in increasing the soundness of your keyword list.

LSI graph – Latent Semantic Indexing is keywords semantically related to your main keywords. A common misconception is that LSI keywords are synonyms. But that is incorrect. LSI graph lets you put your primary or main keyword in the search bar to help you get all LSI keywords related to your business niche.

Wordstream – Wordstream is a free keyword tool where you just enter a keyword and then choose your industry. You will get a list of related keyword suggestions, including long-tail keyword variations, as well as their Google search volume.

Create a mobile version of your website

Building a mobile-friendly website is a worthwhile effort, as a big slice of the web traffic is now mobile. Mobile users wish to see a version of your site with themes and content similar to your website so they can be certain they are on the right page. Rather than a multitude of options shown on a web version, the mobile site needs to be concise and user-friendly.

Guest post on high-traffic websites

Social bookmarking – Getting listed on a social bookmarking site drives quality traffic to your website. People who reach your website from a social bookmarking site are there because your website appeared in a search for topics they were interested in. Being featured on one bookmarking site can often lead to people tagging your website on other bookmarking sites. Utilize your primary keyword in the URL. Do not let your URL string sound unnatural or forced with keywords.

Stop stressing about constantly posting

You can no longer rely on the quantity of content you are putting out into the world. Blogging regularly just doesn’t work anymore. Part of the reason it doesn’t work anymore is that the internet is already spammed with mediocre, unhelpful posts. So, stop stressing about the weekly posts and instead stress about how good your posts should be. It is not only about quality traffic, but more about quality content.

Engage with Social Media

The essential part of ads you can run on social media is that you can set up very focused audiences based on the interests and locations. The goal of social media is to make a real connection with your audience and build a community. Be authentic, create and post useful content with relevant hashtags. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter have become the top social media platforms for customer engagement.

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