Managing Development Workflow with GIT

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Tue May 9 by Ahamed Umar Baruk

Git is a free and open sourcedistributed version control system. VCS is a software that helps software developers to work together and maintain a complete history of their work. It is highly expected to follow standard coding practises but the code revisioning claims equal importance than maintaining the standards.

Let’s discuss a standard flow of maintaining the Code revisions using GIT with an example work-flow,

Git Workflow for Development Teams

Start working on a new feature branch

git checkout -b 1102_gitdocuments

Note:- Feature branch name represent ticketid(1102) and short description(gitdocuments) of work

1.Do your work(CRUD) in working directory

touch gitworkflow.doc
git status
 git add gitworkflow.doc 
git commit -m "Created gitworkflow.doc Basic Steps"
touch gitbestpractice.doc
git status
 git add gitbestpractice.doc
git commit -m "Created gitbestpractice.doc Do's and Don't"
git log

2.Make sure you are up to date with the latest from the remote development branch. Roll your local changes on top of them:

git checkout development
git pull origin development
git checkout 1102_gitdocuments
git rebase development

Note:- When Conflict Occur Fix any merge conflicts.

  • Consult with the author(s) of the changes
  • Consult with the Team Lead
  • Use a merge tool
  • When in doubt, have a merge party
  • Communicate, communicate, COMMUNICATE!

3.Wrap up all of your local commits you’ve made into one commit by performing an interactive rebase:

git rebase -i development

4.When your editor opens, combine all commits into one by squashing every commit into the first:

pick ae3a3dc Created gitworkflow.doc Basic Steps
squash 3c82ad8 Created gitbestpractice.doc Do's and Don't

5.Now pretty up your single commit message :

[#123456] Git Documents
* Created gitworkflow
* Created gitbestpractice

6.Merge your feature branch into development, push it up for your team, and delete your local branch

git checkout development
git merge 1102_gitdocuments
git push origin development
git branch -d 1102_gitdocuments

7.Repeat for every other feature


Once all features for a development are ready to be shipped out, perform the following:

1.Merge development into qa branch

git checkout qa
git merge development

2.Push up your changes

git push origin qa


Once all features for a qa are ready to be shipped out, perform the following:

1.Merge qa into master

git checkout master
git merge qa

2.Tag the release (I version my projects using the major.minor.patch versioning)

git tag v1.0.0

3.Push up your changes

git push origin master
git push --tags

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