How to get monetized with your Mobile Apps?

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It has become a million-dollar question on how the mobile app developers get monetized when millions of apps are on the store. Monetization happens when the app is marketed to get the large user base. The primary factor is to make sure that the app is well designed and developed based on the usability metrics so that app can be functionally usable before going to the next step of monetizing the app. Developing mobile apps can become a solid source of income when it is done properly.

In app Advertising

Although, as a user it is found to be irritating the app developers have no choice of including ad SDK in to the app for generating revenue for the ads being shown or even clicked knowingly or otherwise.Part of the reason why developers and marketers have slowly turned to ads instead of paid apps hinges on the fact that a large portion of mobile users actually don’t want to have to pay upfront for an app just to gain access to it As much as possible, they prefer apps that can be readily downloaded, regardless of any ads that are included in it Plenty of app development companies can attest to enjoying more revenue from in-app advertising alone, so much so that it is the one factor that is primarily responsible for the projected continued growth of app revenues in the future.

Pay first and use next

It is still found to be best when you are very sure that the app’s functionality can worth the users for purchasing the app before using it.Paid apps are one of the easiest ways to make money upfront and prices range from $0.99 to $999.99. Since this type of app marketing is paid, users expect an app that is unique and different from others and innovative in a way that other apps are not. However, this is also where the problem lies. Since too many free apps of the same kind can exist, selling the app can become a challenge.


The apps can have paywalls where the users can subscribe for a feature or functionality especially on apps that gives the user to unlock a feature or by proving a feature on the app as an add-on which can be purchased. This would help to get the app monetized and it provides way for the users to use the app before they blindly purchase it.It’s part of the strategy of giving your customers a taste a trial period to get a sense of all that your app can do and then building from there.


Partner with a company that has a similar customer base, and find ways to integrate their offering into your app for a referral fee. The key is that the partner can really benefit your customers, and that you can create an integrated experience. If you find the right partner, this can be a great source of revenue.

White labelling the code

By building an awesome app and by getting enough traction with a free model, you can license your code to other developers and make money without disrupting the experience for your users. On the other hand, if you build something powerful and useful that has enough users generating buzz, you’ll attract the attention of other app developers. You can deliver value to them by helping them save the time and effort of writing code for what your app already does.


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