Ever wondered to have your website’s contact form submission added to CRM? If your answer is YES, you are at the right place.

In this article, you will get knowledge of how to have your contact form’s submissions added to Odoo CRM leads. Odoo is one among the most popular Opensource Enterprise application for CRM. Odoo has an option to configure Incoming mail server, this will create a record in the configured table (we are going to configure that to Leads/Opportunity).


  • Basic understanding of Odoo
  • PHP, JAVA or any other programming language of your preference.

Follow the steps below to achieve the goal,

1. Setup Odoo Incoming Mail Server

To setup an Incoming mail server, go to Settings –> General Settings –> Configure the incoming email gateway. You will be redirected to the create form of Incoming Mail server. Create a new record and fill the information of your mail account.

This setup is using the Fetch mail service scheduler which runs every five minutes to fetch mails from the email account configured.

2. Setup your website’s contact form to send email

This step requires some basic knowledge on programming languages such as PHP, Java, etc.,. Using wordpress is the easiest way to add a contact form to website. There are a lot of free contact form plugins available for WordPress in which most out of them will have the mailing functionality.

Our suggestion is to choose Contact form 7 plugin which is popular and has lot of customizations available. Once you done this setup, then emails received in the configured mail address will create a Lead entry in the Odoo CRM.

Hope this article is useful!

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