Most importantly in any business, customer is always considered to be circum-centric towards to the engagement and business model. It varies from industry and it is more specific in the demanding industries such as Information Technology, retailing, Telecom and automobiles. There must be some significant strategies in place to streamline the business flow with the Clients.

Understanding the requirements

The first and foremost strategy is to understand the client’s requirements, by engulfing the key aspects and to make sure it is clearly conveyed to the stake holders.

Communicate frequently

It’s very important to maintain seamless communication with quick turn around on emails and calls. The stakeholders are ought to be kept informed about the progress and criticality of the work involved.

Pre-identify the risks

The risks are the key attributes for the stumbling blocks which will likely to happen. It is always better to pre-identify the risks and take remedial actions accordingly. It will help to maintain the cordiality and rapport with the clients as it helps them plan their release schedules without any last-minute surprise.

Devise a well-defined Support Plan

It’s better to devise a plan with the support strategies to cover up the releases and back-up the development BUGS, this would help the clients to shape up the product during the support period.

Create business rapport

The client engagement is mainly in to creating business continuity with the clients by providing upgrade options and enhancements. It is also better to stay in touch with the clients by making them aware of the project proceedings and staying abreast on the technological changes in the market.

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