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Sat Apr 20 by Sharon Vijiliya

Getting yourself noticed on YouTube can be quite a daunting challenge, but in this post, we’ve put together the absolute best tools that can help you optimize your YouTube videos for SEO.

Check Topic Interest with Google Trends

Before you make a YouTube video, the initial step is to discover a topic that is interesting to your group of onlookers. It won’t make any difference how well you upgrade your video for keywords if individuals aren’t keen on its content.

You can utilize Google Trends to see which proposed topics have enough interest on YouTube. Simply enter your topic into the Explore bar, and on the results page that appears, select YouTube Search from the drop-down menu just above the line graph. The graph will then show you how much interest your topic has had in the course of the most recent a year.

In this example, “seo video” is beating “digital marketing videos” on Google Trends.

You can customize the results by country and scroll down to find related search queries as well. Under related queries, you see that “video seo best practices” is a breakout trend at the moment.

Reward Tool

Quora is an incredible platform that you can use to discover a lot of topics for creating videos. The site is loaded up with inquiries identified with a wide range of enterprises and classes. Browse a category related to your industry to find a few topics on which you can offer insight.

Conducting Keyword Research

Knowing what topics are popular and what colloquial terms are used most to find videos is imperative to the success of your digital video marketing strategy. By creating videos around a specific target keyword, you’ll have a much better chance of getting ranked higher on the YouTube SERP.

YouTube Auto-suggestions

Taking a look at auto suggestions in the YouTube search tool can help you find more popular keyword ideas. Head over to YouTube and enter your topic. Then see what kind of auto suggestions YouTube displays for that keyword.

Above you can see that YouTube proposes a few different keywords alongside the initial query.

Every suggestion can be an extraordinary thought for a video topic; however they are marvelous long-tail keywords also. Other than being well known, long-tail keywords are likewise not extremely focused, and subsequently, are less demanding to get ranked for.

Keyword Search Volume and Competition with Ubersuggest

Your video topic should give you a starting place for choosing keywords. After you develop the initial keyword ideas, you can analyze them using a free tool like Ubersuggest. Enter your keyword in Ubersuggest and select YouTube from the drop-down menu. After you initiate the search, the tool takes only a couple of seconds to analyze the keyword.

Research Video Tags

Picking the right tags for your YouTube video is similarly as critical as focusing on keywords. With the right tags, you can rank for the right keywords and in the most-looked categories.

VidIQ Tags

VidIQ is a powerful feature-packed tool aimed at helping you increase the reach of your videos on YouTube. It’s a simple, free Chrome extension. To start using this tool, you need to install the VidIQ extension in your browser and create a free account. At this point, you can utilize VidIQ to search for the keywords you’ve chosen from the research and view the top-ranking videos for those keywords.

When you open a video on YouTube, you’ll see another panel on the right. You can see an itemized breakdown of the video’s SEO, including an SEO score, number of end screens and referrers, and more. Right down at the last, a section shows all of the tags used in the video and by the channel.

VidIQ lays out comprehensive information about your channel, videos and competitors, letting you compare up to four channels for free. The data it provides ultimately enables you to make positive changes to your marketing strategy.


The free version of the TagsYouTube tool enables you to get a list of tags identified to your target keyword. Select the ones you like and add them to the final list of tags. You would then be able to include another keyword and add those tags to your final list of tags as well. Keep including keywords until you get a list of tags you are happy with.

Other than generating tags, this service additionally offers highlights such as Advanced Title, Description, Thumbnail Generator, as well as practical tips and advice on how to best optimize your videos for YouTube.

Optimize Your Videos

Titles and tags are a major factor in making your videos more discoverable. YouTube currently has no way of understanding video content, so associating your video with text is an important way for you to rank for specific keywords. Include brand keywords in your tagging, and try your best to avoid irrelevant tags, even if it’s tempting.

  1. Video Title
    The title of your video should be at least 5 words long. That way, you can include your full keyword without keyword-stuffing.
    Like with a blog post, we’ve found that you get a slight video SEO boost by putting your keyword at the beginning of the title.

  2. Video Description
    Each of your videos should have a lengthy description of what the video’s content is all about.

    Here are the basic guidelines for the description:

    • Include your keyword in the first 25 words
    • Make the description at least 250 words
    • Include your keyword 2-4 times

    This SEO-optimized description helps tell Google and YouTube what your video is about without being spammy.

  3. Video Tags
    Adding ten to twenty labels for every video is a perfect method to make use of keywords significant to your video yet that couldn’t normally fit in your title or description. Each tag ought to be a word or phrase (use mostly phrases), that are relevant to the content of the video as well as the ways in which you predict users would find such a video.

Inbound Links

A good tip is to link your video to websites like Quora and Yahoo Answers. These websites are extremely popular among the professionals as well as experts in the world. It is likely to find people interested in your field to ask a question – which you can answer with your video. Linking your video on these Q&A websites not only increases your views and stats, it also boosts your credibility among people in your field.

Sharing on Social Media

Getting more eyes taking a gander at your videos is amazingly important to the success of your video marketing campaigns, and social media platforms are ideal assets to execute it. Here are some of the tools that can help you spread the word about your video far and wide.

  • DrumpUp
    DrumUp helps you properly promote your videos by allowing you to schedule the distribution of your videos to multiple social media channels.

    This tool lets you add in several social media accounts including Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, and allows you to target different audience across those channels in the most seamless way possible.

  • HootSuite
    Another social media management service that enables companies to perform social marketing activities is HootSuite.

    Hootsuite makes managing several profiles at the same time effortless. The advanced options are not free but with some extra investment, you get advanced social analytics, security, audience engagement, and multiple users.


The embed function is meant to take your video outside the bounds of YouTube. Even so, YouTube can track all instances of your video being embedded on other websites.

They count it as a positive User Engagement signal – boosting your video’s YouTube SEO.

Analyzing yours and your competitors’ channels

You have enough on your plate dealing with your channel all things considered, however the best way to know which direction to go or where you have to improve is to examine the majority of your channel’s existing data and compare it to that of your main competitors.

YouTube Analytics

YouTube Analytics is the best place to learn what’s working on your channel and what’s not. This free, easy-to-use but comprehensive tool can tell you who watches your videos and what they like to watch, plus it can help you figure out which videos can produce more income.

YouTube Analytics offers three key report categories to work with: revenue, watch time, and engagement — make sure to explore all of them for maximum results. On top of that, these categories are complemented by real-time and overview sections. To take advantage of the tool, you must start uploading videos so that the system has some data to work with to boost your performance.

Final Thoughts on How to Promote YouTube Videos

Video content is essential to any company’s marketing strategy, and YouTube is a great way to attract audiences, inspire engagement, and increase customer conversion. By taking advantage of the SEO tools listed in this article, you can get a jump-start on your SEO efforts and start ranking higher.

With the sheer amount of content that’s uploaded to YouTube every minute, getting your videos to rank highly and stand out on the platform can be tough. Remember to keep these ranking aspects in mind when creating your next YouTube video!


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