5 Best ways to engage Mobile app users

  • Customer Engagement

In the current digital age Mobile App had become the easiest go to option for various day to day needs and the dependency it creates for the mobile users has massively increased.

There are lots of ways to engage your customer through an app. But here we have discussed some very unique and effective ways to engage your customers through your app.

1. Best Impression is the First Impression

The First and the foremost thing that an app could do is impressing the Customers at a very first instance. To be more prolific, the first few seconds is where the user gets attracted to the app. If the app is designed and developed in such a way that it could drag the customer in for 10 seconds it has the high possibility of the customer returning to the app.

So here are a few nuances discussed to make sure that gets a good experience at a very first instance. Performance is the self-marketing point of the App. So, the App is expected to meet the expectation that it creates. Then make your customers to know more about the app in a crisp Info graphical video which will give them an Idea about the app, but only for first time users. Make a registration on creating an account easy. These small things will go a long way in getting the user again.

2.Push notifications

Yet another option to seize the attention of the customers is to reach them when they are not using the app actively is through Push Notification. This is usual, but still the efficient feature that can be optimized. A recent study showed how push notifications could lead to increase in daily app opens, faster response time than email and increase in social sharing on Facebook and Twitter.

Push notifications usage cold be optimized using the below tips:

  • Sending reminders to the users who are not actively using the app.
  • Use them to inform app users of any upcoming sales or promotions.
  • Send personalized and substantial content.


This is the reverse engineering stuff considering the Push notification where the notifications are used to reach the customers from app side. Feedback get the other way down. Customers have couple of options from their end. One is they can reach the company through the feedback and the other is that they could also reach the app developer with complaints and grievances. So this is an efficient strategy to engage the customers as it puts the customers and the brand one to one. The good piece of idea is to accept the criticisms from the customer, since it comes directly to you and enables you to look into it and solve it.

4.Loyalty programs

One more great way to engage the users is through the User Loyalty programs. User Management and sales could be guided using this tactic. For example, users should be allowed to gain points each time they make a mobile purchase. Then, they could cash in on aggregate points to buy another product.

5.Mobile exclusives

One more tremendous way to encourage the users to engage with the brand/app is through the promotions that are solely done for mobiles. Customers should get the feel that they are provided with great deals. As a Genuine customer they like to feel cherished by getting that extra value for your brand. It doesn’t mean that it should definitely be a discount offer always. Offering the tips on how to take care of the products that they purchase and by giving previews for the new trends and technologies etc., gives the value ads. Following this approach gives your customers more reasons to engage with your brand/App.

Appreciating your customers in doing Social sharing is the one well known trend, but still it reaps good benefits out of that. In this way positively pushing your customers into brand advocates, and to generate network effect organic user growth. As you continue to engage with your mobile customers, prevent over messaging. Customize your push strategy to accommodate each user’s unique time of day preference, and message frequency tolerance.


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