There are numerous things to know before get started with chrome for web development. When it’s about web search everyone falls on Google. But for techies, it would be a nice choice to tighten the seat in front of the Chrome browser. Before further, we do let’s gets started…

Message stacking

If a message is consecutively repeated, rather than printing out each instance of the message on a new line, the Console “stacks” the messages and shows a number in the left margin instead. The number indicates how many times the message has repeated

Whenever we want to log, the structural order of execution is important to know. By logging the info in the way, the execution of scripts is achieved from the timestamping feature.

Step to enable the timestamping for logs

  1. open up the Dev Tools settings from your inspector window.
  2. Scroll down to the console tag in the settings.
  3. Tap the checkbox called Show timestamps.

That’s it man you did the awesomeness of trouble-free logging.

Change the network conditions to test as a different environment

As a web developer, we need work on the different aspects.
All of the environment on one machine isn’t a good deal. In this case, utilizing the chrome’s network conditions comes.

What are network conditions

Network conditions are set of rules that can act your machine as a different environment of accessing the same website. It includes the following feature set for your seamless web development

  • Caching
  • Network throttling
  • User agent

By dynamically change the above settings, we can access the same web in a dynamic state of the environment.

How to access network conditions in chrome’s inspector

  1. Click the three dots in the inspector window’s top right panel.
  2. Click Network conditions from the More tools option


Everyone can’t afford a good device when viewing your web page. Some devices come with great memory heap sizes but some others not. To test as a low-end device you can check the disable cache mode in the network conditions.

Network throttling

Turn your machine into different levels of network standard. By using this you can test your site in different levels of data receptions from the internet.

Now we can throttle the network to identify the defects in our site. It can be used to avoid the misled codes, that cause unknown trouble when using the site.

User agent

In computing, a user agent is a software (a software agent) that is acting on behalf of a user. One common use of the term refers to a web browser telling a website information about the browser and operating system. By test as different kinds of user agent makes your site to compete with the international standards. So how?

Just scale down your eyes for the seamless feature of chrome

From the drop-down you can choose varies kinds of user agents for your levels of testing. It doesn’t provide the exact level of impedance but does somewhat helpful.

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