These days it is highly mandated for businesses and market players to seriously use mobile phones as their target audiences. Mobile phones have almost been a part and parcel of one’s live and it sounds essential even to the common man. Lot of technologies have emerged in complementing the out reach of the Mobile phones.

Mobile phones were only meant for communication in the form of voice and text earlier but over a period of 10 years, the innovation has attained a complete picture and now stands with the name “Smartphones”.

The smartness of each smart phone is decided only by the mobile applications which are installed in the plain device which reminds me the tasty food which is kept on a designer plates.

A recent report says that there are around 42 apps  in every smartphones which are in use. There are millions of apps being circulated on the stores and get optimized on the every software updates that smartphone is entitled. This huge count puts forth a challenge for the app developers to become extra-cautious on choosing the proper development methodologies and usability nuances.

There are some aspects to be considered before developing the applications.

Limit your Notifications and be more specific

These days people hate using emails as every user accounts are being created with it and all the applications start assuming as the user doesn’t sign up with any other applications. As a result every app starts pushing notification heaps to the users in the form of emails and messages. Recent days the apps start verifying by generating auto-check on the user’s credibility.

Avoid advertisement SDKs

We need to seriously think whether user would prefer staying inside the screen with no clue on the ads to be shown at the bottom or top. Please make sure if you really want Ads to be shown use quality SDKs with intelligence. Recent Survey stays that only 2% of people stay with app that annoys with them ads.

Limit Social Media Inputs:

It has become a necessity to use the fame of Facebook or Google+ for  every apps and users hate syncing their accounts. Also in a recent survey conducted 600,000 users has left Facebook for the past one year across EU- So Facebook integration is a better option but not the best / only option left.

Use light-weight features:

In the present approach, people tend not to spend too much time to understand the features and nuances of the app. Whatsapp become a huge hit as they concentrated only on the core purpose of the app instead of pushing the users to play Treasure and Hunt with the Menus. Stick to what is needed and bring the visibility of the users.

Limit your updates:

One more important thing is to make sure that we don’t need to seek the attention of users only with  frequent updates. MVP is the quick way to market but repeated updates would not solicit the necessity on the app usage. The bug fixes and enhancements can go hand in hand with a limited frequency on updating the app.

Battery and Internet Usage Optimization :

The most important aspects on the app development is to make less Server Hits and Internet usage. The users will always weigh the performance of the app based on its response and resource usage. The app needs to use its Sqlite DB for storing information that reduces the Server Hits. Certain apps  would not sync and consume the battery charge when it is below the critical level.

Use right color combination on the UI:

Yet another important aspect is to select the design for your app with appropriate color themes. Hospitality app cannot be bright where as travel and leisure cannot be dull. Every color has its meaning and the way it is perceived.

Avoid complex Navigations:

Users may not feel comfortable if the app navigates them through the entire app just to find a simple  information. Keep it simple and choosy.

Finally to wrap things up, the applications which engage the users on its maximum would taste the success of having developed and unleashed to the open world.

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